USDA Visits Larkspur Water Treatment Plant Currently Under Construction




The Town received a visit on Wednesday, August 8th from Edna Primrosa, USDA’s Deputy Administrator for Water and Environmental Programs out of their Headquarters in Washington, DC.  She was accompanied by Ted Buelow, Acting Deputy Colorado State Office Director and Native American Coordinator, and the USDA State Office Rural Development Area Specialist, Allison Trujillo, who has been working with us on our Water Treatment Plant project.  The Deputy Administrator was interested in meeting the people making the project happen and seeing the Plant site.

Town staff included Public Works Manager (Arlen Goertzen), Project Coordinator and Admin. Assistant (Becky Mobley), Deputy Town Clerk (Sharon Roman), myself, and Paul Grant and Will Parker from Semocor.  Also present were project engineers Wayne Lorenz and Jeff Nelson from Wright Water Engineering (WWE).  We briefed our guests on the project and visited the site before taking them to lunch at the Spur.  The Deputy Administrator and Deputy State Office Director were very impressed with the project and extended numerous compliments on how we have been interacting with the State Office, administering the project, and managing the funding.  They also informed us of new monies available for our Waste Water Treatment Plant project and were encouraging us to apply with USDA for full funding.

Needless to say, they were impressed and pleased with what they saw and heard and made it abundantly clear that we (the Town) know what we are doing and have established a solid reputation with USDA.

It was nice to hear positive comments for a change and coming from an agency that has invested millions of dollars in the Town.”

Matt Krimmer
Town Manager
Town of Larkspur