Public Works

Town of Larkspur Public Works Department & Services

Hello, my name is Arlen Goertzen.  I am the Public Works Manager for the Town of Larkspur, Colorado.  I have over 35 years of experience working in public and private service type related jobs.  I served my hometown in Kansas for 15 years as Public Works Director.  I have worked here in Larkspur since April of 2014.

The Public Works Department here in Larkspur is responsible for maintenance of all town owned facilities, streets and roads, parks and trails.  This includes a beautiful community park with picnic pavilions, modern playground equipment, sand volleyball court, basketball and pickle ball court, and restrooms that are open year ‘round.  We also maintain our regulation size baseball/softball field complete with bleachers and covered team dugouts.  Our park is used for several community events throughout the year and is a great place for travelers on Interstate 25 to stop and have a picnic lunch, allow small children to play on the playground, or take a short nap before continuing to their destination.  Larkspur is part of the Front Range Trail system that is being constructed north to south along the eastern foothills.  We will begin construction of our portion in the spring of 2017.  A comprehensive study is also being conducted that will explore the possibility of adding additional pedestrian access within Larkspur as well as a pathway from the town limits to the Larkspur Elementary School.

Public Works maintains just under 10 lane miles of roadway within the Larkspur town limits.  This includes both asphalt pavement and gravel surfaced roads.  The safety of our town residents and visitors driving in and through Larkspur is a high priority.  We strive to maintain the best driving surface possible, and keep all traffic signs and devices up to current standards.

Public Works is also available to our water and wastewater operation service provider for any assistance needed in maintaining the infrastructure of the water and wastewater systems.

Town Services:

Water & Sewer – Water & Sewer services have been provided to Town of Larkspur residents since the 1980’s. For current water & sewer tap fees please see Ordinance No. 5.29. To establish water & sewer service, please contact Larkspur Deputy Clerk, Sharon Roman at: 303-681-2324. For current water & sewer service fees please see Ordinance No. 5.31.

2017 Water Quality Report – For a copy please click here!

Town DumpThe Town provides free trash service to Town of Larkspur residents only. (You must live within the Town limits) The Town Dump facilities are only for “household” trash. There are specific items that cannot be dumped off and a list of  some of those items are provided here and on the gate to the dump.

Dump Hours are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (Closed Mondays) The Town Dump is security monitored and anyone unlawfully dumping any materials will be subject to a $2650.00 fine.

To set-up your trash service account please contact Larkspur Deputy Clerk, Sharon Roman at: 303-681-2324.