The Town of Larkspur has a current Planning Commission made up of resident volunteers. The Planning Commission volunteers are appointed by the Larkspur Town Council. The purpose of the Planning Commission is to review all land use applications prior to the Town Council and make formal recommendations.  The Planning Commission powers and duties include:

  1. To make and adopt a Town Master Plan – Draft Master Plan
  2. To review and approve conceptual plans, when applicable.
  3. To review and make recommendations to the Town Council for amendments to the Larkspur Zoning Ordinance and for rezoning of land.
  4. To review and make recommendations to the Town Council for other planning and zoning matters.

Current Projects that are in review:

 Larkspur Travel Center

Access Permit
CDPHE Permit
GESC Plans
Grading Permit
Flood Plan

Larkspur Travel Center Site Plan Documents

Offsite Utility Plan
Preliminary Drainage Report
Larkspur Truck Stop NRA – Draft
Site Improvement Plans
Traffic Generation Analysis – Reissued July 25 2016
Larkspur Travel Center – Traffic Study Issued July 2016
Larkspur Travel Center – Traffic Study  Revised Nov2016

Revised Larkspur Travel Center BA 1-12-2017
Revised Larkspur Travel Center BA-adm11812Response to Comments NRA from USFWS
Geotech Final Report
 Project Narrative
 Referral List and Responses
DC Planning
CDOT 10-4-16
CDOT 2-1-17
CDOT 8-8-16
CDOT 10-4-16
Copy of Economic Impact
Department of the Army – Wetland Determination
Department of the Army –  Figure 2 Wetland Map
 Moltz Construction Building
 MC16011 Larkspur Storage Yard_Project Narrative
 MC16011 Land Use Application Packet
 MC16011 Geotech Study
 MC16011 – Larkspur Storage Yard – Site Plan Set
 MC16011 EROSION CONTROL AND SWMP REPORT(1) with signatures
 MC16011 DRAINAGE REPORT(1) with signatures
Moltz Property NRA
CDOT response email
ChatfieldWatershedAuthority-Town of Larkspur_StorageYardSitePlan_Comment Letter_01132017-signed
Douglas County comments
LFPD Review – Site Plan
USFWS letter
Staff Analysis Report to Town Council
Resolution 17-03 Approves Use of Property
2017-07-17 Larkspur Storage Yard – For Full Permit
COR03Q976 – Permit – Certification
 Jellystone at Larkspur – 650 Skyview Lane
Project Narrative
Construction Documents
Jellystone Referral List
PPWSD Referral Response Letter
TCH Referral Response
LFPD Referral Response
IREA Referral Response
CDOT Referral Response
Jellystone Summary
Douglas County Referral Response
BNSF Referral Response