Building Department

Larkspur Building Department
9524 Spruce Mountain Road
Larkspur, CO 80118


The Larkspur Building Department reviews Land Use applications and processes Building Permits within the Larkspur Town Limits only. (Please see the attached list of Street Names and Addresses to determine if you are in the Town limits)

A Land Use application is required for, annexations, subdivisions, rezoning, site plans, variances and plot plans.

  • Building Permits are required for all new construction and most building projects both inside and outside of the building. Our Building Permits and Inspections are provided by SafeBuilt.  You can schedule an inspection with SafeBuilt at this number: 720-641-1956
  • Permits provide third-party verification that the work completed meets the Town of Larkspur’s adopted codes. By following code guidelines, your completed project will meet minimum standards of safety and will be less likely to cause injury to you, your family, friends or future owners.
  • It is best to check with the building department on any type of construction or remodeling you are planning to see if it requires a permit. You can check our “Do I need a Permit” form for a quick reference guide to common projects that need a permit or see what doesn’t need a permit.
  • Building Permits can be submitted to the Building Department to be reviewed and processed. Many permits can be processed in a day for minor projects. Those projects needing a review please refer to the time of performance table provided by SafeBuilt.


The Town of Larkspur has adopted building codes and design criteria that are required to be followed. Please see the list below –

Building Codes at a Glance
Ordinance 3.112 Adoption of Building Codes
Perry Park Water & Sanitation District Specs
Douglas County Storm Drainage Design and Technical Criteria
Douglas County Roadway Design and Construction Standards
Ordinance 3.61 Adopts Douglas County Roadway Construction & Drainage Design & Criteria


Plan Reviews time frames First comments Second Comments
  Business days
Single Family 5 days 3 days
Small commercial under $2M in valuation 10days 5 days
Large Commercial 15 days 10 Days


Forms can be submitted to the Building Department at: or


For information on 2019 Permits issued please click here.


◊Please note that the Building Department is closed on Thursday afternoons and all day Friday◊