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Special Election – April 16th for Mayor of Larkspur


A Special Election will be held April 16TH for Mayor of Larkspur


Section 2.07. – Elective officers.



Section 3.02. – Mayor.

In the event that the mayor is recalled, dies, becomes incapacitated for an extended period, ceases to be a resident of the Town, or is convicted of a felony, the mayor pro tem shall act as mayor, with all the powers and duties of the mayorMayor pro tem may serve as mayor until the next regular municipal election, at which time the Town shall elect a mayor for a four-year term. If, while acting as mayor, the Council seat of the mayor pro tem was filled in accordance with Section 3.06 of this Charter, he may not resume such seat but may be re-elected either as mayor or councilmember at the next general municipal election.